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The Challenge

Sketchers India launched multiple new collections in partnership with key sports & bollywood celebrities. This included D’lite, which was being promoted by Bollywood new comer- Ananya Pandey, and Performance Run Collection created in conjunction with sports influencer- Siddhant Chaturvedi. Our task was to create visibility & interest among the target audience online, and to achieve conversions on their ecommerce channels.

The Objective

  • Building awareness and buzz around the new collections on online channels
  • Maximizing conversions & sales on the online commerce platforms of Skechers

The Solution

For achieving high reach and visibility among young Indian audiences, we researched and found three key channels where they mostly like to spend their time online: Social Media, VOD & Music Streaming.

On social media, we used precise user touch-points [IG stories & feed, FB news feed] and targeted users who had shown interest in sports, health and fitness celebrities. We made sure to feature our celebrity faces in these ads- to capture attention & create positive association.

Given the context of the national lockdowns, the consumption of online video content had suddenly boomed. Aiming for maximum reach and visibility, we selected several video OTT platforms [YouTube, D+H, etc]. and smartly selected popular video IPs which had high reach among the youth.

The third aspect of this approach was- music streaming. Given the popularity of bollywood & dance fitness songs, we collaborated with Music [Spotify & Gaana] to build curated playlists around topics such as running, fitness-cardio & high interval workouts.

To further maximise performance metrics and impact business value, we leveraged data-driven creative delivery on multiple platforms. For prospecting to new & relevant users which were earlier not a part of the marketing funnel for the brand, we used DPA ads for Prospecting, on the Facebook family of apps. We also kept our messaging sharp & relevant through Dynamic creatives on Facebook and also created personalised messaging for remarketing to older users.

To further bring in increased cost efficiencies in ad buying & delivery, we implemented programmatic inventory buying for the brand. Through our seat on Google’s DSP platform, we booked inventory across a host of sports channels & publishers.By leveraging the targeting, pacing & bidding of a DSP, we were able to create a high decibel presence on premium sports content hosted by the likes Cricbuzz, SportsKeeda, CricketExchange, etc.

  • 87%

    Reduction in CPCs by

  • 42%

    Affected decrease in avg CPA

  • 82%

    Achieved increase in ROAS