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The Challenge

As India fought against the onslaught of Covid-19 and most professionals started working from home, Indians realised the importance of taking care of their fitness & health. Max Protein, a healthy snacking brand, thus saw an opportunity to expand beyond the bottom funnel audiences and reach out to a broader audience in key metro cities. Our ask was to drive more users into the brand funnel, just as the economy and businesses & consumer sentiment were opening up again.

Snacking products are frequently bought at POS counters in the physical, but this touch-point is not available on digital mediums. Hence, there was a need to jumpstart stock turnover for the brand on online channels as well.

The Objective

Through the campaign, the brand was aiming to achieve:

  • Higher brand & product awareness and among newer users, in order to expand the marketing funnel
  • Encourage users to negate deferred buying behaviour & achieve quick inventory turnover

The Solution

To expand the brand funnel and also nudge audiences to purchase in a quick turnaround time, we devised a full-funnel campaign approach to build awareness, ensure product salience & also drive sales.

  • Top Funnel Approach
    We started off with a high-decibel, high-frequency campaign burst on social media. We used a video film to reach, entertain & encourage product salience- comparing how everyday life is no less than a heavy workout, the film encouraged users to make the right fitness choices and opt for healthy & nutritious snacks. We heavily used non-skippable video ads in order to achieve high reach and also ensure high message retention. For garnering user engagements, we later used skippable ads on key social media platforms, selected based on user time spent trends. In our targeting, we used a broad-base strategy to reach a relatively wider range of users.

  • Mid-Funnel Approach
    In order to create high visibility among users who were more likely to purchase our product, we partnered with PayTM to leverage their user shopping data. Through this, we identified users routinely purchasing fitness products, health supplements and healthy groceries, especially during the pandemic. And to reach them, we selected multiple OTT platforms + apps such as MX Player, Zee5, etc to deliver our message.

  • Bottom Funnel Approach
    Lastly, to nudge interested users to purchase quickly, we formulated multiple, we ran limited-period sales offers, thus creating urgency in users’ minds. These offers were valid only during the ‘Unlock’ phases and retargeted to previously exposed users on social media platforms. This helped us push for higher conversions among users who had been exposed/engaged with our previous messages.

  • 13%

    Increase in brand consideration

  • 25%

    Increase in ad recall

  • 40Mn+

    Impressions shown, reached 40% of the target universe

  • 3+

    Achieved Ad Frq thus indicating ad recall

  • 4x

    ROAS achieved on social channels, as compared to earlier!